Billing Specialist

Natick Walpole Visiting Nurse - Walpole, MA

NWVNA is seeking a Billing Specialist to work in the home care setting. Flexible schedule and competitive salary!

Duties will include:

  • Verify patient’s insurance in CAW for all admitted patients.

  • Review and resolve claim error problems and internal documentation checks which inhibit the visits from being billed. This process includes correcting all visits on validation, claims hold and in claim error status.

  • Work with CAW, Medicare and Medicaid support team to solve claim issues. 

  • Review claims for accuracy and completeness and obtain any necessary information before release.

  • Release all claims for electronic submission to Medicare and Medicaid systems.

  • Release all claims for paper submission to Commercial payors.

  • Upload Medicare claim files electronically for claims submission.

  • Resolve any Medicare RAP or claim submission in error or unpaid status on Ability website.

  • Upload Medicaid claim files electronically for claims submission.

  • Resolve and manual adjust any Medicaid claim submission in error status on Mass Health website.

  • Print all Medicaid remittances and notify Accountant of EFT payment.



  • High School Diploma required

  • Demonstrates attention to detail, time management, organization skills

  • Demonstrates responsibility for self direction

  • Solutions oriented

  • Ability to work independently                                                                         


Work Environment:

  • Must demonstrate ability to work in team oriented environment. 

  • Inside work 5 hours per day

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