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The NWVNA works in partnership with Philips Lifeline to provide Medical alert services and automatic medication dispensing in order to allow patients and their families to maintain a more independent and worry free home recovery.

The Philips Dispensing Service provides management of even the most complicated medication regimes. By ensuring medications are dispensed at scheduled times and in the correct dosage, patients are able to live more independently knowing they are not under or over medicated.

The Philips Personal Response System offers options both for in the home and for travel outside the home. The discrete gps help button means assistance is but a click away.  Once clicked, this button works as a two way communication with the patient and the Philips Lifeline response associate.  This associate is able to access the patient information and location while rendering immediate appropriate assistance whether calling emergency services or contacting the NWVNA for home help.

By having 24 emergency help at hand and controlled dispensing of medication, patients can have the confidence to live their lives independently while families can rest easy knowing their family members have the help they may need at any time and are controlling their dosages appropriately.



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