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You may e-mail questions to and a staff member will get back to you. You may also call (508) 653 3081 or (508) 668-1066.  

1. What services do you offer?

The NWVNA offers a variety of services to help you remain at home while recovering from or being treated for an illness or injury. These services include nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, medical social work, and home health aides, to assist with personal care. We have specialists in maternal and child health nursing and lactation counseling, orthotherapy, and wound care.


2. How do I know what services I need?

For questions about home health care eligibility please call our office at

(508) 653-3081 or (508) 668-1066 and discuss services with our team.  

3. Will my insurance pay for these services?

NWVNA accepts, Medicare, Medicaid and most insurance plans. Please call the NWVNA at (508) 653-3081 or (508) 668-1066 with specific insurance questions.

4. Are all VNAs related?

No. The term, VNA, is rather generic, an acronym for Visiting Nurse Association. While most VNAs offer similar services, each one is a separate entity. Just as banks offer the basic general services, it is known that Bank of America is different from Sovereign Bank or Citizens Bank. Each VNA is unique. Be sure to ask for the Natick Walpole VNA.

5. What makes the NWVNA unique?

The NWVNA is an independent, non-profit agency with a history of 100 years of service. Our skilled clinicians live in the towns we serve.  Our staff and organizational structure allow us the flexibility and expertise to be responsive to your needs and requests.  We do not have a wait list.  When you call the agency a team member answers the phone and directs your call to someone who can help you.  We work closely with your doctor to develop a plan of care to meet your needs. We have a full electronic medical record system, telehealth and IV and wound care specialists. We have earned 4.5 stars for quality of patient care by CMS and have been selected as one of the top home health agencies in the United States by OCS HomeCare for 2015.

6. How can I get a nurse or therapist to come to my house?

If you or a loved one need skilled home health care, discuss your health, medication, safety or balance concerns with your doctor’s office.  Your doctor may order skilled home health services for you to assess your blood pressure and provide medication teaching, speech, physical or occupational therapy. We will evaluate your situation and consult with your physician.

7. I’m having my knee replaced next month.  Can I get home

health visits?

Yes. Often times a doctor orders a visiting nurse to assess the incision, review medications and teach pain management techniques.  A Physical Therapist is usually ordered to provide patients with strengthening and range of motion exercises as well as home safety evaluations and recommendations.  

8. Can a nurse come and help give my loved one a bath?

When a patient is on skilled services with NWVNA, and has a need for assistance with their own personal care, most insurance plans pay for an intermittent home health aide. If there is no medical skill needed for home health services, a home health aide may be paid for privately or with long term care insurance.




*Remember to specifically request the NATICK WALPOLE VNA. We work with all hospital and physician networks in Massachusetts for smooth transitions to home care.

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