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This program provides clients or disabled adults who are unable to get to their physician’s office comfortably with the option of receiving primary medical care at home, delivered by a fully qualified nurse practitioner.

Our nurse practitioners are specially trained and certified to provide comprehensive medical care from examining and diagnosing patients to prescribing any needed medications. Our practitioners can also order labs and recommend other diagnostic services to be performed.

This specialized service provides a nurse practitioner who works collaboratively with you, your physician and other specialists to develop a medical plan of care for you. The aim of the Home Visiting Nurse Practitioner Program is to provide qualified care that reduces the need for re-hospitalization and optimizes patients health outcomes. This helps those patients who are unable to get to a physician’s office.




In Good Hands

Our Home Visiting Nurse Practitioner Services:

  • Palliative care consultation

  • Medical history

  • Physical examination

  • Health assessments

  • Management of acute & chronic conditions

  • MOLST consultation

  • Preventative and wellness education

  • Home safety evaluation

  • Medication management

  • Pre and post operative care

  • Psychosocial assessments

Seniors Socializing
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