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Our comprehensive palliative care service is focused on improving the quality of life for patients dealing with serious, chronic or terminal illnesses. It addresses a patient’s psychological, and emotional well-being, as well as physical symptoms. The goal of palliative care is to manage pain and relieve other symptoms. It can be delivered while a patient pursues life-prolonging or curative treatments and when a patient’s prognosis is greater than six months.

Working in conjunction with a patient’s primary care physician, our palliative care team can include nurses, rehabilitation therapists (speech, physical, occupational), a physician, dieticians, social workers, certified home health aides, and more. The interdisciplinary team creates and implements a plan of care based not only on a patient’s diagnosis but on the challenges with which he/she may be struggling

The goal of hospice is to prepare the patient and his/her family for death. It is generally appropriate for someone with a terminal illness and a life expectancy of six months or less. The focus of hospice care is to enable patients to experience the end of their lives with dignity, comfort, and as fully as possible.




Our Palliative Care Services:

  • Acute symptom management for long term chronic illness

  • Acute symptom management accompanying curative treatment

  • Full care unrelated to life expectancy

  • Transition assistance when moving from one level of care to another

  • Emotional support for families and patients

  • NP assessment and follow up

  • Management of pain and relief of symptoms

  • Guidance with difficult and complex treatment choices

  • Help navigating the healthcare system

  • Transition to Hospice assistance

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