Public Health Nurse

Natick Walpole Visiting Nurse - Walpole, MA

NWVNA is seeking a Public Health Nurse to work in the home care setting. Flexible schedule and competitive salary!

Duties will include:

  • Assumes accountability for own professional practice in achieving patient outcomes

  • Accurately, promptly and thoroughly documents patient care observations, interventions and evaluations, meeting agency parameters.

  • Identifies primary diagnosis, reasons for home care, and problems based on assessment, which includes patient demonstration of functional status; then develops a plan of care that will best meet patient outcomes

  • Collaborates with the physician and other members of the health care team to ensure care is safe, effective, and coordinated.

  • Maintains confidentiality on all agency matters.

  • Educates community members and families in the promotion and maintenance of health and prevention of diseases to enhance the ability of an individual to recognize the need to obtain treatment and maintain general health care.

  • Assesses the physical as well as health status and requirements of community members and their families.

  • Observes community member in a variety of settings including but not limited to Senior Centers and Flu Clinics. 

  • Coordinate community based education with Senior Center Administrators and town Public Health Directors

  • Coordinates flu clinics as directed including ordering of supplies and coordination of staffing for clinics

  • Provides town wellness promotion visits and provides flu shots as necessary

  • Staff community blood pressure clinics

  • Participates in communicable disease studies and control by conducting effective investigations in the community.

  • Demonstrates ability to utilize the state communicable disease reporting system, MAVEN

  • Is able to effectively communicate and document MAVEN reports

  • Refers customers to appropriate agencies to obtain the proper medical or health service.

  • Refers customers to specific doctors when medical and health intervention is necessary.



  • Ability to work independently in the home care setting 

  • Demonstrates responsibility for self-direction

  • Demonstrates ability to learn and utilize computer technology

  • Demonstrates effective communication skills      

  • Should maintain precise records of actions taken.

  • Be able to prepare concise and clear reports.

  • Be able to do home visits in designated geographic locations.

  • Able to deal effectively with customers of various types of backgrounds.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing preferred

  • Two years’ experience in Home Health Care preferred.

  • Current license from Board of Nursing in Massachusetts.  

  • Valid driver’s license


Work Environment:

  • Must demonstrate ability to work in team oriented environment. 

  • Ability to work independently in the home care setting.

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