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Our Telehealth Service offers customized physician reports, daily heart rate and monitoring, blood pressure, and other information for at risk patients.  Telehealth comprises of an in-house wireless system to monitor the patient’s vital signs, weight, blood pressure, and symptoms. The data from this system is securely transmitted to the health care team including the patient’s physician.

This system helps us identify trends and prevents unnecessary hospitalization and emergency room visits. Supervised by trained nurses who specialize in chronic disease management and assessment this system allows us to be proactive in our patient’s care. Telehealth is offered to clients with cardiac and pulmonary conditions including but not limited to Heart Failure and COPD. Within this program there is also built in its for the families of the patients.




Our Telehealth Services:

  • In-home wireless monitoring system

  • Secure data transmission of data

  • Trend identification and proactive preventative care recommendations

  • Nurses specializing in chronic disease management and assessment

Examining an X-Ray
Examining an X-Ray
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